Terms & Conditions

1.      Competitors and (guardians of competitors) if under the age of 18, should note that they compete at their own risk. Claims for any illness or injuries sustained by participants during the competition or any warmup period will not be accepted. By entering any event, the entrant/ participant assumes all risk of bodily injury. The organisers, Cre8tive Productions LTD, Robin Short and Christopher Short cannot and will not be held liable for any injury or illness sustained, during competition. Loss, theft, or damage to any entrants/ participants belongings during and while at the event is the responsibility of the entrant and not that of the organisers or venue.

2.        In the event of television coverage, live streaming, photography or production of a DVD recording, all competitors, and (guardians of competitors) if under the age of 18, agree that the rights of any fees from such recording will vest with Cre8tive Productions LTD, (the organisers) and no competitors, guardian of a competitor nor associations shall have any claim against the organisers, television company, video streaming or DVD producer.

3.        Entry to any event is paid in advance online, with the fee being non-refundable or transferable from when payment is made.

4.     Competitors entering age restricted events need to abide by the age restriction listed of the event. This age restriction is applicable for both persons, if dancing in the partnership, with each or both persons needing to meet the age criteria on the day the entered competition is taking place. Further information can be found within the BDC rules. 

5.    Late Entry will be accepted at organisers discretion. All competitors entering late will incur a 40% surcharge per event with the fee being non-refundable or transferable from when payment is made. At The International, entrance to the qualification venue will be included with in entry and late entry. At The UK, all late entrants will be required to purchase their own entrance tickets to the venue. Competitors that have entered within the entry opening period will have included their entrance tickets with their entry.

6.     Early Entry will allow competitors to obtain visa support letters earlier than entry opening. Dancers requesting Visa letters must have entered the event. Obtaining a visa is not the responsibility of the organisers and should an entry visa not be granted in time for the event, the fee of entry is non-refundable or transferable from when payment is made. 

7.     The decisions of the organisers, Cre8tive Productions Ltd, is final on all matters.